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Other People's Art

September 24, 2015

RiverView Gallery features a goodly number of artists. But artists also purchase art. In Other People's Art we provide an opportunity for member artists to "show and tell" about what they have acquired from their fellow artists represented in the Gallery – as well as area artists outsied the Gallery if they wish.

A Neat Annegarn Pick-up

from Nan and Jim Craig (acrylic painting and b&w photography):

     Annegarn Piece – untitled…  I'll admit that I'm much more comfortable with Annegarn's pieces when they have titles – they can be a tad enigmatic. But we still can't resist them. This piece is about 10 inches tall – I assume a tree trunk with a fact within one of the knots. Inside it holds a candle that adds greatly to the effect once evening comes.

     We picked it up at RiverView Gallery in Havre de Grace where we both show.

     Maria is one of those artists who appear and act completely normal – yet when you look at a body of their work you find yourself wondering just what is going on in that head, in a good way of course.

More on Maria Annegarn and her art:


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and Dave DeRan's September 2015 Open House

Dave DeRan "bowl painting"…  Dave's Open House this year was, as always, a trip. Of course, there were reams of new frog and turlle paintings, some of them quite tempting. And, in something of a major digression, there was a huge oil landscape – dark, moody and magnificent. It must be30 by 40 or bigger – I wish I'd measured it. Not only could I not afford it, I'm not sure we have a wall big enough – yeah, that'll be my excuse.

     Below is a quick iPhone shot of a downstairs side room where a couple were playing, lending a great atmosphere to the occasion. Note the piece along the right hand wall – the very long piece of driftwood painted as a giant snake. Not all that expensive either at 300. We don't have a room long enough to hold this or we would be sorely tempted. Next to that is a view down an upstairs hallway, off to the left open to view the area shown on the left from above. From these shots you get a hint of what the rest of the place is all about. I keep telling people that this is something worth experiencing.  

From my own Other People's Art section on my site (jamescraigphotography.com) – our visit to another local artist, Dave DeRan's open house:

     I didn't expect to be buying this trip. We collect some of the finer local art, but we have a few great DeRan's already. It was a nice Sunday drive and we had some old frames that were given to Nan, some of which she was passing on to Dave. A lot of artists help one another out by passing around frames they don't plan on using.

     But Nan really fell for the little bowl-painting above. Dave likes to get hold of old, worn, sometimes cracked, platters and bowls and paint either the inside or out. This one is painted on the bottom and rigged to hang on the wall. Nan fell hard for this one. Fortunately, she knew exactly where she wanted to hang it. (Since it was late in the day, for better lighting I took it outside and photographed in on the reticulated glass patio table top.)